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18 Aug 2014

"Nobody" seems to be a slow-tempo ballad. In the brief clip, Keef can be heard rapping while his collaborator sings in heavy auto-tune over what XXL identifies as a sample of "Brothas Gonna Work It Out", a Willie Hutch song from the soundtrack of the Blaxploitation film "The Mack". There's still no word on when the full version of the song will arrive. It's expected to appear in Keef's long-awaited new album " Bang 3 ".

Kanye West Parts Ways With Tour DJ Million Dollar Mano, Mano Calls Kanye Fans "Gay" | News | Pitchfork

Mano himself revealed that the two are no longer working together via Twitter yesterday, saying, "gonna have a fun day blocking these kanye stans that are happy i don't dj 4 him anymore," but didn't offer any explanations. In response, a member of the fan message board Kanye to The put together the video above, which shows repeated instances of missed cues, wrong song choices, and Kanye looking pretty ticked off while waiting for Mano to get his shit together. In fairness, that's only handful of instances from over the past year, but this is also Kanye we're talking about. Whatever the reason for the split, Mano doesn't seem to be too happy about it. He spent the last 24 hours or so tweeting incessantly, alternately commenting on the Ferguson, Missouri situation, ranting against celebrity, and calling Kanye's fans gay , writing, "lol a lot of niggas that wanna b visit ye boyfriend on here," "a lot of u fans are low key gay and want more than a fan/relationship with the men they look up 2," "guys with man crushes need 2 just accept their homosexuality," and so on. Amidst all that, he also claimed that he doesn't care about losing that job, saying , "i have a 6 figure co-pub deal with @WarnerChappell and u goofies asking me about my tour dj gig????

Kanye West Splits With DJ Mano, Who Goes on Homophobic Twitter Rant | SPIN | Music News

hahahahaha ZERO COOL MANO 20/3 (@CallMeMano) August 13, 2014 thank u 2 all the #legit true ye supporters. y'all are great supporters. big bro fam 4ever nothing will change that. #squad ZERO COOL MANO 20/3 (@CallMeMano) August 14, 2014 The reason for Mano's departure is currently unclear, but as Stereogum points out, a member of Kanye to The created a supercut of Mano's flubs during Kanye shows.

Kanye West is right... about drones | Fox News

West posted a photo of himself with Williams and bid farewell to the comedian. "Thank you Robin for all of the joy you brought the world," Kanye tweeted August 13. (Kanye West's Twitter) This week, music mogul Diddy paid homage to the late Hollywood icon and shared a reaction to his surprising death on social media. "Can't believe we lost a legend today. RIP Robin Williams- your legacy will live on forever.," Diddy tweeted August 11.


West, a musician a better known for long, boring soliloquies about himself on stage and interrupting another person while she was on stage receiving a music award, has made one of his more salient remarks. The subject: his adorable daughter, North, with wife, yes, another two words I never thought Id write Kim Kardashian. The FAA estimates there will likely be 7,500 or more hobbyist drone operators within five years. While many of those drones will be flown to capture lovely scenic video, were seeing the tendency to spy on, harass or otherwise take unwanted photographs, especially of women and girls. In this case, headlines are blaring something generally similar to this one from TMZ: Kanye West: I Fear Electrocution by Drone, And this from CNET: Kanye West: Will a paparazzi drone electrocute my daughter? Yet, he is right to be concerned, because in context, its something that could actually happen. Mr.


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