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11 Nov 2014

PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian’s Luxurious Coat Collection – Style News - StyleWatch -

Kim Kardashian Coats During a little lunch Date with Scott Disick, she revealed that French wanted to have the boyfriend/girlfriend conversation, which was strange since they were both married previously. You go from having a husband back to a boyfriend, thats bizarre, she said. Naturally, the next question was whether shed be willing to take his last name if they got married. The rappers last name is Kharbouch (first name: Karim), but Khloe had a better idea. Apparently, shes been lobbying for him to legally change his last name, because, I like Khloe Montana. None of this seems too far fetched.
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Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Rock Risque Outfits at French Montana's 30th Birthday - Yahoo Celebrity

ETonline French media reported today she was also looking into hiring a second lawyer, specialized in murder cases. Nabilla, 22, rose to fame last year when she said, Hello? I mean hello? during a show called The Angels of Reality TV." Swiss-born, she is known for her admiration of Kim Kardashian, starred in The Angels of Reality TV, and recently modeled for Jean-Paul Gaultier. The Franco-Algerian model is under arrest at a womens prison in Versailles.
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7, when she stepped out in N.Y.C. in a single-breasted gray wool Celine coat paired with a matching high-waisted pencil skirt, pointy pumps and a mesh top. Just hours later she changed into head-to-toe black ensemble topped with another ankle-grazing oversize coat (a Matrix-esque leather-and-fur design). Gotcha Images/Splash News; Bauer-Griffin RELATED PHOTOS: Check out Kim Kardashians most daring outfits here!
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French Reality Star Nabilla Benattia Charged With Attempted Murder in Boyfriend's Stabbing - ABC News

PHOTO: Nabilla Benattia, left, and Thomas Vergara attend the Jean Paul Gaultier show as part of Paris Fashion Week, July 9, 2014 in Paris. _be|Qu% $?'8FH_>'~RF ,aq o;[ /&o;w}]ME/~xNr{"qI$l"dUW|p3C tdi]gxS 9yk}]xfxpW/kl Y_#PGL9 (:w( h4 U :p: ,l|9]pce\'stGV.FSkz PA /R(7%^byz 6wj +{e[P F JuwhF $OG7B?8(@$ ( &pQ V ALA 25G#mJ[x6^i/*i/i/t/N /4`;w2H e.B#BlL'c)CH 8>48 m$d\s1S'S` )c/t n~aS "5pTV$HV~!Blb~Xa(Gy`Z U6 4s :z!((-/R a{<]jT_1I=u oz&B; \^#9]_AJMZPJmq .~2V*!mp ! W*PB#I2B1=C Enx]E:4&^Iy}% EbD+R XOr4'%#/E}j7wA AUI&@d0I%4{!$ *W#"\ H<0`CCxW'~Jg3 g'Gw:=,dENY=p^&{Nc $/ECd0pJ&p4&vqJnzu7 zn!'KKWwvwF}03njt$&_Kt~mh {g:e8D6 Wi*k6_+6Jrv}{5`:`q5yc; ]06w[J3(i-X6+rq] XL]cQWW* H6uW6Gv\fovr%:o,+,`mUB.\SZd} $|{d]tAM9y\Z\VwRe k0 OO ^>y"1 W}Jhokv[HFLXf&;s/QdUWL}&K`T 0O2^#v^z:BAm&.h4'M5XS!/[yd\iQ,Vlq.>7tE((U3s=qt`d>e.1i7A,7 ~0xv(kPjNDv'/o{i|?gG'* ;R) Q(GO&dN.M@ DzB Vxy.N^= l{Sunu7L$L5]uX8D;fL_Ja)qve /&,\eZ,6KlRf / 0Oy)%IUY f _v`d(X,?(YSkq*lc),BQo )p8kn4#F61|abYY &dnoO"\ [SIP| 'w BmpY}uI9pOy* m b; yFGwRU%U fZVaclKt2X|}:u$ +Llq \dy=q$l[Nt MUThGk %#d66 P JMPW`X/Z,}o/r -@,~g&41FC * -TL|...O  HdJCw6Vn1\}2y 2qpf%7[orm+m A2qM*u:Z\-VMB5'hiBE}Z[sxM8r:mg= ,t,8"b1|;K" &6V;kX EY=L .7Z?h9#lL6t3+ N JaKMz$.~N" O:T.n+QC'_{f/zE4J xT|BglB{Ww*z, %k6OLkqM,;{bG|K/r'')twSK{ 3ww\h^ca{2Ak&;we1 Bm0/.t\9?O x/:oRT1(1'G=cxp@ 'R}`%P}[bmsb-J:^V=S ^8.*"qf6p^@bFw^g(@ !zM5qb+>fXa*0K[?vKr< {t}K%[gCp,!w }[6gg 0}wuTNJQoY* C px7A7I"9b1[}0@y+eti~wg? >9Zcvu{ P%Jt7l%@d vzvdgKzZij&J{*>3`*G{OK!Pe< Sy. XE(;" `u&a>|6-MXfNZG8bQ t ES_L7W?9iu*<<7xIe,]% \ v _>M+g]$(uw~>W.@sS%f *qn-[22**qc J7,c6P d0Mlwzfm:of#Akxv\ G C}>.p6B>H45Cl#?kEvK;ZOm?#xR9 S RV>_|jU 1  9~u4Ts1^f,U`'e..QeV RYIi1Mc1il45^.PO T6V`"~1m ~cigZbqj.} aY|VTqpy CFEs'?(Pw8aGF: \gH;qE$*\;P%| mbQd  V >V,gM&]S\~!lr! x;:IEU|{WdJfS]2qSX}.Es?=Hx>=<]f"J h+ /=O>?yFFzjYz{eV[#ghWRG+Zd8YA..WU-r%F]Jiu{H)#{:','CQ Klu>rK\5Ty2%H(paz\?2Uzkz l5nn6 :7Vkxt>m*^qEN mhdrKIsr JA ap<}S ~fL}1CA&f dVlY&Y E"U { U [lZ$| Aj gVIp88a 5O'<-(f|*a@nO' Gp P cz1~$ #6P p`N<3%e"*#X2D3Ye<}c1,HlB>NHN s -N]#GAdQ[O5[*~!ll^z,Kp|%AZF'B/N <)ZS-OE?H&t >R]I8}=FNPNHG+" K+re!)cj#'Y(`yR1A9I* 33b(;u}c'8' _5[R06@Bx ?
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